This latest flashing tool supports most of the browsers including Follow these steps closely. Open Devices Get started Unlock Bootloader Flash Tool Supported devices and functionality Guides AOSP build instructions Kernel compilation guides Access UART ports Latest updates Downloads Open source archives ! Today, Google has unveiled the Android Flash Tool as a simple way to try any AOSP build on your Pixel phone, right from your browser! Xperia open source archives Here you can find open source archives for all Xperia devices that are based on Google's Android OS.
Flashing AOSP on Xperia XZ Definitve guide. For some of the Xperia devices, we provide Android Open Source Project (AOSP) device configurations on GitHub. どうもロケッツです!どんどん新しく手元のタブレットが増えてしまって、折角のハイスペック機であるXperia Tablet Z SO-03Eを使っていないのはもったいないと思い立ちました。日本独自の機能を使っていたので、Flashtool等を The tool allows you to quickly download and flash AOSP images on your Pixel and other Android devices straight from the web. Needless to say, it isn't meant for you unless you're a developer. An Android flash tool is a web-based tool that allows you to pull down AOSP images easily.

A big thanks to StaticGTF for writing large parts of this guide! 1. How to flash your device When you have installed the flash tool for Xperia , you can flash standard Sony software on your unlocked Xperia device. Do not leave out a step and do them in the correct order. After getting the latest AOSP to build, you can flash them to your phone.
This means that the software will be open for you as a developer to use and contribute to. Google's web-based Android Flash Note: When you flash software onto your device, your user data and content will